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You literally spend every single day in the bathroom so why not make it an appealing visit? This is one of the most important rooms in your house and a bathroom renovation project could give you a relaxed spa-like bath, or stress-free zone ‘type’ of bathroom. This personal space is meant to be comforting for your mind and soul.

The Breakdown of a Bathroom Reno

The renovation of your bathroom can be broken down into 5 qualities: space, light, materials, textures, and detail. Luxury is not synonymous with size.

Space – Believe it or not – you don’t need major square footage to create your perfect illusion of an oasis. You can go after visual appeal with a polished, decluttered look.

Light – Lighting plays a major part in how a space looks. If you have poor lighting, the space looks dull. We can add a few pot-lights or we can be elaborate and add wall sconces and dimmers.

Materials – Certain materials rarely go out of style while others can definitely no longer be in style. Natural materials like jade, marble, river rocks, gem and semiprecious stones can be used for your custom vanity, counter tops, floors, or wall finishes.

Textures – When you add texture, it makes you feel like touching. There are so many ways to treat yourself to a great deal of comfort during Canada’s long winters such as feeling warmth beneath your feet through heated tiles or wrapping yourself with a toasty towel fresh off of the towel warmer.

Detail – What makes your bathroom special are the fine, subtle touches that personalize your space making it yours.